Maintaining a butterfly in the home : at home tropic butterflies can live from 2-3 days to several weeks. Butterflies do not require extraordinary conditions and care. During the day butterflies can fly loose in  the room  and at night it is advisable to close them in a box, holding a damp cloth and a temperature slightly lower than during the day. It is recommended to spray butterfly wings with water spray (fits spray of flowers ) several times a day. Butterflies feed on several times a day. They fit a variety of fruits ( orange, kiwi , banana ), it's recommended to cut fruit into slices. The butterfly will be eating the nectar that can be produced in a domestic environment: biscuit spoon of organic honey or sugar mixed with 10-15 biscuit spoons of water. Take care of the wings of butterflies while feeding, it is recommended to grab a butterfly as close to the spine. Do not be surprised if the butterfly is not going to drink the nectar, it means it needs help. Straighten butterfly's trumpet to the nectar liquid with the help of a toothpick, the butterfly will sense the nectar and will start to suck it. Butterflies love bright colors  so they land on bright things, flowers, clothes.